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We all have different personalities. However, few of us truly understand how different people think, process information, and make decisions. As a result, we experience difficulties that hurt us at work, at home, and in all our relationships. Imagine no longer having to deal with these people problems because you know the “secret.” In this training you will learn the different ways we are wired, your own preferences (and how to ask for what you want), and how to deal with people who are different from you.

By relating the four personality styles to four birds, Taking Flight with DISC breathes new life into the tried-and-true DISC model. The birds add colorful energy and help provide visual cues that embody the traits of the four styles and allow people to remember the styles like never before.

The EQ Training Program helps bring EQ to life by infusing the four styles into our emotional state. The session is based on the Taking with EQ Profile and helps individuals take a deep dive understanding themselves, how they manage their emotions, and how they interact with others.

People who both understand their style and have a high level of Emotional Intelligence tend to communicate better, generate greater productivity, and are better leaders. These individuals have the highest levels of job satisfaction, fewer health issues, less conflict, and stronger connections with others. They manage change more effectively, provide the highest level of customer service, and tend to be people that others like to work with.

Our Leadership training teaches current and future leaders how to flexibly adapt to the needs of their direct reports. This one-day session takes existing skills to the next level by linking the four personality styles (Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls) to a range of core leadership skills.

Managers will quickly discover that likely they have been creating an environment in which they themselves will thrive instead of an environment in which their people will thrive. Without realizing it, leaders regularly impose their personality style on their staff. Traditional leadership training ignores this reality and typically espouses a one-size-fits-all approach to leading others.

Our executive coaching empowers leaders to excel and adapt, addressing today's challenges while optimizing future opportunities for their organization. We leverage a diverse range of assessment tools and integrate established methodologies, customizing our approach to align with the unique needs, expectations, and preferences of each leader.It’s a powerful combination that gives us an unmatched ability to enhance effectiveness.

Learn how to become a better leader and difference maker within your organization. Unlock the secrets to becoming a leader people want to follow.

Students will learn:

  • The 6 Characteristics of successful student leaders
  • How to design a vision for their future
  • Leading with integrity
  • How to evaluate problems with an optimistic attitude