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Jerry’s Most Requested Youth Programs

The 3 Critical Factors to Developing High Performance Students

Factor #1: Excelling in School

What I Wish I Knew about Succeeding as a Student

Discover ideas that will put you ahead of your class from Day One.  Get keys to maximizing your potential as a student.

Key Principles Students Will Learn:

  • How to manage stress from academic life
  • Understand why time management doesn’t work
  • How to building a network/success team at school to assist you in achieving your goals
  • How to maintain balance, stay  focused, and on track as a student

Format: Keynote

Duration: 45 minutes to 75 minutes


Factor #2: Dynamic Leadership

What I Wish I Knew about Being an Influential Student Leader

Learn how to become a better leader and difference maker at your school.  Unlock the secrets to becoming a leader people want to follow.

Key Principles Students Will Learn:

  • 5 Characteristics of successful student leaders
  • How to thrive as a leader at school
  • Recognize the traps to avoid as a student leader
  • How to prevent the burn out most leaders experience

Format: Keynote or Training

Duration: 45 minutes to 2 hours


Factor #3: I’m Finished School, Now What

What I Wish I Knew about Preparing for Life after High School

Get ahead of your competition and separate yourself from other applicants.  Learn how to become the employee companies love to hire.

Key Principles Students Will Learn:

  • Do’s & Don’ts of a successful interview
  • Understand the difference between a job & a career
  • How to build a solid academic plan
  • How to cultivate relationships that lead to academic opportunities
  • How to succeed after your enrolled in school

Format: Keynote

Duration: 45 minutes to 75 minutes


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